Rise of the Runelords Columbus

The Swallowtail Festival - Rova 22 through 23, 4707 AR

Four heroes (Auvrek, Clovis, Hiroki, and Veil) converged to defend the town of Sandpoint from a goblin invasion that occurred during the Swallowtail Festival, which was supposed to have been a joyous time of renewal during the consecration of the new cathedral.

After defeating seven goblins in combat in the courtyard near the cathedral, they headed to the Northgate where a noble and his hunting dog were fighting off several more goblins, one of which was mounted on a goblin dog, but they arrived just at the noble’s hunting dog was slain. The heroes also finished off these goblins and earned the thanks of Aldern Foxglove, a local minor noble. Aldern was very impressed by the swordsmanship of Hiroki.

The four re-grouped later at the Rusty Dragon and were invited on a boar hunt by Aldern Foxglove on the following day.

That is when Sheriff Belor Hemlock located the four adventurers and requested that they escort him to the site of a desecrated grave next to the new cathedral.

The player characters defeated a pair of skeleton guardians left behind by the defilers of the cemetery vault, and discovered a spent magical garment used to create skeletons.

The players then tracked goblins and one humanoid figure through the wilderness north of Sandpoint all the way to the goblin-infested island home of the notorious Thistletop goblin tribe.

The session ended with a reconnaissance operation over the island by Veil, the weredragon-kin dragonfire adept.



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