Rise of the Runelords Columbus

The Heroes of Sandpoint - Rova 23 through Rova 25

The heroes watched as their companion flew out over Thistletop, but after he hadn’t returned for quite some time, a rustling in the nearby brush alerted them to the presence of the elven ranger Shalelu Andosana and her associate, Rune, and elven mindchemist.

Rune joined the other three adventurers, while Shalelu promised to search for their companion Veil. She would return to Sandpoint in three days hence.

The heroes returned to Sandpoint weary very late in the evening.

After some rest, they took Aldern Foxglove up on his request for a boar hunt (after Auvrek had an uncomfortable interlude with Shayliss, Ven Vinder’s daughter, that left him running through the streets of Sandpoint half-naked). They slew three boars during the hunt.

That evening, the party was witness to a scene created by Lonjiku Kaijitsu in front of all of the patrons of The Rusty Dragon. This was a family issue between Lonjiku and his daughter, Ameiko Kaijitsu, who is the owner of The Rusty Dragon.

The following morning, the party was asked to exterminate a goblin that had been terrorizing a family in town, which they accomplished, but sadly, the father of the family had been slain by the goblin.

They spent much of the rest of the day shopping and relaxing.

The following morning, they were alerted to the fact that Ameiko Kaijitsu was missing by a halfling employee of The Rusty Dragon, and they immediately set off toward the Sandpoint Glassworks to begin their investigation of Ameiko’s disappearance.

The Swallowtail Festival - Rova 22 through 23, 4707 AR

Four heroes (Auvrek, Clovis, Hiroki, and Veil) converged to defend the town of Sandpoint from a goblin invasion that occurred during the Swallowtail Festival, which was supposed to have been a joyous time of renewal during the consecration of the new cathedral.

After defeating seven goblins in combat in the courtyard near the cathedral, they headed to the Northgate where a noble and his hunting dog were fighting off several more goblins, one of which was mounted on a goblin dog, but they arrived just at the noble’s hunting dog was slain. The heroes also finished off these goblins and earned the thanks of Aldern Foxglove, a local minor noble. Aldern was very impressed by the swordsmanship of Hiroki.

The four re-grouped later at the Rusty Dragon and were invited on a boar hunt by Aldern Foxglove on the following day.

That is when Sheriff Belor Hemlock located the four adventurers and requested that they escort him to the site of a desecrated grave next to the new cathedral.

The player characters defeated a pair of skeleton guardians left behind by the defilers of the cemetery vault, and discovered a spent magical garment used to create skeletons.

The players then tracked goblins and one humanoid figure through the wilderness north of Sandpoint all the way to the goblin-infested island home of the notorious Thistletop goblin tribe.

The session ended with a reconnaissance operation over the island by Veil, the weredragon-kin dragonfire adept.


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